Toi Kai Rawa


Toi Kai Rawa Trust focusses on key strategic priority areas that seek to make a difference in Māori communities in the wider Bay of Plenty region - Rangatahi (youth), Whenua (land), Tangata (people) and Pakihi (business).

  • Developing pathways supporting Māori youth into education, training and meaningful employment
  • Creating frameworks that support Māori (individuals and whānau) to lead, manage, govern and thrive
  • Providing skills, tools and networks supporting Māori Land use development and optimisation
  • Strengthening, connecting and supporting investment into Māori business

The intersection of all four Ora areas brings us to a state of "Mauri Ora".

Rangatahi Ora
Māori Youth

Mobilising the future Māori workforce

Whenua Ora
Māori land development

Unlocking the potential of Whenua Māori

Pakihi Ora
Māori Business networks

Energising & mobilising the Māori Business Network

Tangata Ora
Māori Communities

Unlocking the potential of Māori communities

Regional Māori Recovery Plan

Regional Māori Recovery Plan

Toi Kai Rawa’s high-level priority areas are Whenua Ora (Māori land development), Rangatahi Ora (Māori youth), Pakihi Ora (Māori Business networks) and Tangata/ Hāpori Ora (Māori Communities). We enable Māori entities, SMEs and individuals to contribute to a prosperous region and prosperous Aotearoa New Zealand, through a focus on partnerships, investing in what works and designing solutions for the gaps.

Māori communities in a Covid-19 environment have proven to be resilient, however, it is still evident that structural inequities continue to constrain the development of our people including enduring barriers to lifting Māori household incomes. This alone, causing a significant negative ripple effect in our communities that must be addressed with urgency.

Regardless of any recovery curve, Māori are ‘a curve below the curve’ and therefore any strategy or intervention in place must provide a step-change approach to position Māori beyond any curve. This is why Toi Kai Rawa exists.

A by Māori, for Māori approach to regional development must be prioritised if we are truly committed as a region for enduring solutions.

Toi Kai Rawa’s Regional Māori Economic Recovery Plan above has proved robust. Continued investment in these enabling factors is critical to building resilient communities.