Toi Kai Rawa


Toi Kai Rawa Trust draws on the strategic levers in the He Mauri Ohooho Regional Māori Economic Development Strategy. In bestowing the title of ‘He Mauri Ohooho’ (HMO) in 2014 referring to the awakening of energy, the self-actualisation stage of Mauri is one of Mauri-ora. The progression of HMO in 2019 is reflected in the bestowing of each of the project areas of 'Ora'.

Accordingly, Toi Kai Rawa Trust have developed strategic priority areas that seek to make a difference in Māori communities across the wider Bay of Plenty region in four key focus areas:

  • Rangatahi (youth)
  • Whenua (land)
  • Tangata (people) and;
  • Pakihi (business)

The intersection of all four Ora areas is the transformation of our people and represents 'Mauri Ora'!

Rangatahi Ora
Māori Youth

Mobilising the future Māori workforce by connecting young people to high value opportunities

Whenua Ora
Māori land development

Unlocking the potential of Whenua Māori

Pakihi Ora
Māori Business networks

Energising & mobilising the Māori Business Network