Thriving Māori Communities

The Bay of Plenty has the third largest Māori population in Aotearoa/ New Zealand. We have a unique Māori profile that shows we have a young and growing population with over 35 Iwi, more than 230 hapū and over 163 marae and one third of the entire Māori economy sits within our region. Despite these macro drivers, Māori are still over--represented in all the negative social and economic indicators across the board.

Toi Kai Rawa’s strategic focus is to strengthen high value pathways for Māori in this region across education, training and employment.

Our Focus:

  • Deploy the Māori STEAM Strategy Action Plan
  • Deploy the Digital Innovation Hubs in communities which seeks to increase digital fluency and ability for young Māori
  • Regional Māori workforce development


connected with more than ten (10) kura Māori communities
total reach of 1,000 rangatahi


formation of the intial innovation hubs in communities


strategic relationships developed with industry, government & national philanthropic organisations to scale impact


co-designed the Ara Rau Tangata – future focused forums for Māori communities in WBOP

Our Projects

Our Partners

Arataki Systems
Bay Trust
Digital Future Aotearoa
Spark Foundation