About Toi Kai Rawa

Toi Kai Rawa Trust is a regional Māori economic development Agency working across the wider Bay of Plenty and was officially incorporated under the Charitable Trust Act 1957 on the 8th day of January 2020.

Toi Kai Rawa initially began as a Māori economic development board in 2014 overseeing the implementation of the He Mauri Ohooho Māori Economic Development Action Plan and under the financial umbrella of Western Bay of Plenty economic development agency, Priority One. In establishing Toi Kai Rawa, the board acknowledges Priority One as a foundation partner and works together to achieve a sustainable economy delivering for all its community.

Toi Kai Rawa's purpose is to advance the prosperity of Māori across the wider Bay of Plenty by:

  • Leading approaches to improve Māori prosperity, which includes wealth and wellbeing
  • Advancing the benefits of increased Māori social, cultural and community outcomes including income, employment, health and education
  • Growing leaders through the practice and tradition of succession/ youth leadership, good governance, cultural sovereignty and expansion, connectivity and living sustainably with our natural world

A key goal of He Mauri Ohooho BOP Māori economic development strategy that will be continued by Toi Kai Rawa, is for Māori in the region to exceed the national average income levels by 2030. For this to occur Toi Kai Rawa will support a range of strategies, partnerships and initiatives where Māori social, cultural, environmental and economic advancement are at the centre.

About Toi Kai Rawa
About Toi Kai Rawa


A brief history of Toi Kai Rawa Trust