Thriving Māori Businesses

Thriving Māori Businesses

One third of the Māori economy sits within the wider Bay of Plenty and a significant part of this is our growing Māori business sector.

Toi Kai Rawa’s strategic imperative is to:

  • Ignite Māori business networks to take advantage of high value progressive procurement opportunities. 

Our Focus:

  • Foster collaboration and opportunities with local government, Māori Business networks and others to maximize the demand and supply opportunities for Māori businesses.
  • Build the pool of Māori businesses across the region and support them to high value opportunities.
  • Build a coordinated approach to support services for Māori businesses.
  • Identify the gaps, co-design and deploy prototypes that are scalable across the wider Bay of Plenty region.
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Māori Business is Whānau Business

Māori business plays a key role in ensuring the social, cultural, spiritual, and economic wellbeing of our whānau and communities.

Māori people come from a long line of ancestors who were innovators, entrepreneurs, experts and knowledge holders therefore Māori enterprise is a natural path for our people. It is about more than just commercial success, it is about self-determination, it is about wealth in its widest metaphorical and physical forms.

Māori business is whānau business so if we want to see flourishing whānau in our region, we need to see how we can better support our Māori business sector in this region. Toi Kai Rawa is setting out to do this by focussing on Māori Business Capability Support, Māori Business Network Mobilisation, Mentoring Programme Development and Social Procurement.

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